SQL2008R2 Cluster Installation Failure on WIN Server2012R2

Migrating a SQL2008R2 DB from a WIN2008R2 Server to a WIN2012R2 server can cause a few problems especially while rebuilding the cluster setup.
DB Cluster installation can throw away anything from a validation failure to a setup installation failure message.

Even if the Server/OS teams have shown you a green flag on the cluster health check/validation level, you may very likely end up scratching your heads figuring out these installation related errors.

When I attempt to run the SQL 2008 R2 installer to create a new Failover Cluster, the Setup Support Rules check gives me errors about the cluster, that the Cluster Service and Cluster Storage aren’t available.

It turns out that SQL 2008 R2 relies on some Windows cluster functionality that is not installed by default in Windows 2012 R2, specifically the Failover Cluster Automation Server.

You can open a PowerShell prompt in Administrator mode and execute the following:

Get-WindowsFeature RSAT-Cluster*

You’ll see that the Failover Cluster Automation Server is not checked off. To install it, execute the following:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-Clustering-AutomationServer

If you quit your SQL Installer and attempt to re-run it to create a Failover Cluster, you’ll now see that the setup support rules around the cluster pass.

Hope it helps you.

Happy Learning!

Aman Kharbanda