Backup/Restore IO Size

By default, SQL Server will use jumbo sized IOs (typically of 1MB) to perform backup and restore operations. These can adversely affect the IO latency for your array. Whenever possible, use MAXTRANSFERSIZE=65536 on your BACKUP or RESTORE statements. This could make your backups and restore take a tad longer, so test accordingly. If you are leveraging Transaction Log Shipping, you might have no way to tune this, as sqllogship.exe doesn’t offer a means to tune this parameter. If log shipping backups/restores are affecting your performance, considering rolling out scripts to perform log shipping manually.

If you are not achieving good throughput from your backup/restore operations after using the MAXTRANSFERSIZE=65536 parameter, considering bumping up the number of buffers available to the process by using the BUFFERCOUNT parameter. In our testing, a 1.5TB database backed up in 24 minutes, 38 seconds at default settings, and 25 minutes, 6 seconds with 64Kb IO block size and BUFFERCOUNT=2048.

Happy Learning.
Aman Kharbanda